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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

WANT! Very much want!

Those of you that have been coming around here for a bit know that I have a major fetish for Stevens Favorite rifles. There is 1 particular Stevens out there someplace that I have been trying to locate for several years now, the one my dad gave me as a kid and that I foolishly sold years later. I already own one Savage replica that I really enjoy and I did have one original rifle that the BSU thoughtlessly disposed of some years back. But I keep searching for my old rifle and I frequently check out hoping to find it.

But just look at the Stevens Favorite I found last night-

Engraved Stevens Favorite Left side

Engraved Stevens Favorite- right side

Engraved Stevens Favorite-tang

Engraved Stevens Favorite- bottom

You can see all the pictures and description of this beautiful rifle here.

What a lousy time to be out of work! If I was employed, I'd be buying this rifle in a minute!
As always, click the thumbnail pictures to see the full sized versions.

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